Professional Simultaneous Language Interpreting

Our team of certified professionals have centuries of combined experience in fast paced conference environments, able to perform fluidly, regardless of speed or technical difficulty. 

Our turn-key approach to language facilitation allows our loyal client following to carry on business as usual without a thought to the interpreting process. 


Translation is Local!

AlterEgo's prolific Written Translation Division professionals provide the highest quality of services with consistency, accuracy and on-time delivery - every time!

Whether your  translation project involves certified, legal, technical, specialized or literary content, our polished approach goes  beyond traditional methods by applying the disciplines of trans-creation, localization and cultural adaptation for a flow and feel that  produces an entirely native result. 


Business Consultation Support

AlterEgo is committed to empowerment, sustainable economic development, the environment and social interest. 

Our company principals' considerable experience and strong relationships based on trust within hallowed halls of government, industry, media, environment and grass-roots make AlterEgo an essential partner and collaborator in the Region. 

We are mission driven to support efforts and entities in these regards, able to connect opportunities with solutions . 



Remote Language Facilitation

AlterEgo embraces technology to add value for our clients and help them achieve more by making poignant use of online platforms, video/teleconferencing and programming for those who require support with live multi-lingual webinars or multi-site conferencing, training or professional development. 

Our collaborative approach helps remove layers of complexity and  the expense incurred in travel. lodging and per diem for clients who have to manage various locations and languages. 


Voice Over Magic

AlterEgo boasts a loyal following of clients who require solutions for both Language Adaptation and the art of Voice Over rendering. 

These disciplines are traditionally stand-alone solutions engaged separately.

In our continuous effort to add value, innovation and convenience, our esteemed clients can enjoy the best of both worlds. No matter whether your project is video, audio or text, AlterEgo provides a one-stop solution.