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AlterEgo is the preferred language, voice and business support provider in the Region in a myriad of highly nuanced and technical environments for a variety of global, hemispheric, regional and local clients. 

We provide flawless services to a vast array of clients which include but are not limited to Heads of State & Diplomacy the Corporate & Industrial Sectors, State & Federal Government, Finance & Economics, Healthcare & Public Health, Sales & Marketing, the Arts & Sciences, Non-Profit & Social Interest.


Mission Driven

AlterEgo's sustained track record for excellence has allowed us to position ourselves in support of entities and efforts that tangibly add value to society. Over the years we have built strong relationships in the areas of empowerment, sustainable economic development, the environment and social interest. 


Why AlterEgo?

Your mission and your investment are too important to be taken lightly when you have to communicate them in a different language and cultural context. AlterEgo's loyal clients can be confident their message gets across fully, accurately and seamlessly every time. We are your AlterEgo!


AlterEgo is what a language translating and interpreting service should be. We are passionate providers of seamless language translation and interpretation so our clients can focus on what they do best and leave the rest to us.

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